Frequently asked questions

Why should my journal publish in open access?
Open access publishing allows publicly funded scholarly research and innovation to be accessible to all.
The European scientific community as a whole aims to make scientific publications freely accessible. In order to stimulate open science, large scientific organizations in the Netherlands such as KNAW, VSNU and NWO have stated that publicly funded research must be published in fully open access from 2021 onwards. This means that academics will not be allowed to submit articles to scientific journals that do not publish in open access in the near future.

Does the author retain copyright within open access publishing?
Yes. Open access publishing is by default done under the creative commons license (CC BY 4.0). Copyright remains with the author, while the creative commons license obliges others to refer to the original author(s)/copyright holders with every use of the article.
It is also possible to publish under other creative commons licenses (CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC0). To do so, please contact us at

Is OpenJournals implicated in the publish decisions of my journal?
No. OpenJournals only provides the means, infrastructure and know-how to publish in open access. The only condition we ask is that your journal applies a form of peer-reviewing to ensure a scientific standard. Editors will retain full autonomy over the content, design, collaboration with publishers and distribution of your journal. If you want to stop using OpenJournals in the future, we will gladly help you with the migration of the journal.

Is it possible to publish a journal in non-APC open access as well as offer a paper edition against payment?
Yes, open access publishing can go hand in hand with printing a hard copy of a journal. The experiences of established non-APC open access journals suggest that open access publishing does not necessarily have a negative impact on the number of print subscriptions. Many readers have a bond with the paper version of a specific publication, which OpenJournals is delighted to support. You can also contact our experts for advice on fulfilment and distribution of print editions.

Are there any conditions for participation in OpenJournals?
Journals participating in OpenJournals must meet a number of quality criteria:
- The journal is included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), or works towards a registration.
- The journal is published in non-APC open access, appears regularly and does not charge readers or institutions for access to its publications.
- The journal has an established peer review system which is clearly stated on its website.
- The journal does not pass on any publishing costs to authors, the so-called Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Does your journal not yet meet these conditions, but do you strive to publish in open access? OpenJournals has the expertise to guide your journal to meet these criteria. Please contact us at to discuss possibilities.

Who finances the construction of OpenJournals?
The development of this platform is made possible through a three-year project grant from the NWO. The costs of setting up this platform are therefore covered. The contribution paid by your journal only serves to keep OpenJournals operational. OpenJournals is explicitly designed to offer scientific journals a complete and sustainable open access platform.

What is non-APC open access publishing?
In the non-APC Open Access publication model, no publication costs (APCs) are charged to authors. This model is also called the diamond open access model. The costs of open access publishing in the non-APC open access model used by OpenJournals are paid by the stakeholders, such as universities, scholarly societies, publishers and editorial participants. This is a sustainable contribution model with a fixed annual amount.

How much is the annual contribution for OpenJournals?
In order to guarantee the long term quality of OpenJournals, we charge an annual fee of 2500 euro ex. VAT. This fee contributes to the fixed costs of employing our support team and managing the server. Your journal doesn't have to carry this contribution on its own. One of the goals of OpenJournals is to break through the financial barriers of open access publishing. We are happy to help you with subsidies and initiatives that put aside money for making scientific results freely available to all. Please contact us at to explore the possibilities for your journal.

What is the contribution used for?
The costs associated with open access publishing consist of the installation of open access software, server costs, maintenance and development, and providing editorial support to editors and publishers. OpenJournals is not for profit, all contributions go towards maintaining the platform and providing editorial support. OpenJournals is 100% transparent in its organization and finances, accordingly we will publish our annual accounts and content reports on this website.

Are there additional costs as my journal publishes more articles?
No, with the annual subscription your journal can publish unlimited articles within OpenJournals. This is where OpenJournals differs from other platforms, where costs are usually calculated per article.

Are you curious how OpenJournals would differ in costs from other platforms? Contact us at for more information.

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